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"Interdimensional Portal" - Satin Blacklight UV Tapestry - Glows under UV Light!

Perfect under sunlight (watch video baove).

Great High Quality

Artist: Alex Aliume

Style: Psychedelic Visionary Art / Blacklight UV Art

Title: "Interdimensional Portal"


Available in 5 different Sizes:

30x40 inches UV satin Tapestry - $49

36x48 inches UV satin Tapestry - $69 (ON PHOTO ABOVE)

42x56 inches UV satin Tapestry - $89

45x60 inches UV satin Tapestry - $109


YEAR 2021

Ships worldwide from NYC.

No returns are accepted. No refunds.

P.S. All Tapestries custom printed for each order.

Feel free to contact me with any of your questions.Appriciate for supporting Visionary Art!

Peace. Love. Energy.

"Interdimensional Portal" - Blacklight UV Tapestry. Glows under UV Light!

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