MAGZOID - Luxury Dubai’s Art Magazine: Mystic – Visionary Artist – Alex Aliume

A rising star in the contemporary art scene, Alex Aliume is a mystic, visionary artist born in Ukraine. Having no formal art education, he first laid his hands on canvas, paints, and brushes in 2017, and consciously created his very first painting. After a lifetime of seeking, he had finally discovered his true purpose in art and has been painting ev

ery single day ever since.

As a child, he experienced strange visions and vivid dreams. At the age of six, he discovered a book of his grandfather’s about “Sorcery,” which ultimately became a door to his cosmic future. Being a student of various esoteric doctrines, including numerology and other magical practices, as well as the Moscow-based organization, Knowledge System: Ecology of Thought, founded by LP Troyan, the knowledge he acquired during those years deeply impacted his personality as well as art. After finishing high school, he briefly attended Aerospace University in Kharkiv, Ukraine, before dropping out to pursue his dream of going to New York.

Aliume is most famously known as the creator of cosmic UV glow-in-the-dark, 3-D psychedelic art. His Blacklight Visionary Art represents his inspired attempt to unveil the invisible mystery of universal truth via the profound languages of art and light. Through his art, he aspires to speak directly to the human heart and soul reminding the viewer of their primordial divine roots and evoking a memory of the Great Spirit that lies within and around us. He believes that the language of art and light requires no words.

To create unique and extraordinary ways to experience art, Aliume uses undiscovered methods and technologies using light, motion, and three-dimensional shapes. Light is the most powerful aspect of his art. Most of the artworks created by him, glow under black light or in full darkness. He feels light is the best tool for waking the viewer to the profundity of the present. In doing so, he aims to help all souls rediscover the kindness, sincerity, and love inherent in their very existence.

By combining many layers of art-making—paintings, art objects, kinetic art, sculptures, and light— he seeks to deliver an unforgettable experience to the viewer. For him, experience matters. He tries to create not just the artworks, but also the sacred spaces in which to experience them, to touch the mystery of the unknown, and to live inside the tale. While he is yet to break ground in the physical realm, he is well on the way to designing and creating a sacred temple based on his vision to house his works as well as the experience itself.

Painting was and remains the most natural thing that Aliume has ever felt. With collectors in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, India, Thailand, and the Philippines, Aliume’s art can be viewed on his Instagram page @aliumeart and his website