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My Blacklight Visionary Art represents my inspired attempt to unveil the invisible mystery of universal truth via the profound languages of Art and Light. 


I seek to remind the viewer of their primordial divine roots, to evoke a memory of the Great Spirit that lies both within us and all around us, pervading Reality itself. My hope is that my art speaks directly to the human heart and soul. The sacred geometry language of Art and Light requires no words.


As an artist, it’s important for me to be “out of the frame.” I step away from the frame of the canvas and move beyond, toward undiscovered methods and technologies for making art. I use light, motion, and three-dimensional shapes to create unique and extraordinary ways to experience art.


I consider light to be the most powerful aspect of my art. Most of the artworks I have created glow under Blacklight or in full darkness. Light is the best tool for waking the viewer to the profundity of the holy present moment, here and now. In doing so, I aim for nothing less than to help all souls rediscover the kindness, sincerity and love inherent in their very existence. 


I also use motion in my kinetic artworks, particularly the use of spin. I do that to remind the viewer that everything is flux. We are all part of the great dance of life, of the infinite fractal, which has neither beginning nor end.


By combining many layers of art making—paintings, art objects, kinetic art, sculptures, and light—I seek to deliver an unforgettable experience to the viewer. Experience matters. It is all that there is. I try to create not just the artworks, but also the sacred spaces in which to experience them, to touch the mystery of unknown and to live inside the tale. While I have yet to break ground in the physical realm, I am well on the way to designing (and therefore creating) a sacred temple based on my vision to house my work as well as experience itself. It will serve as a reminder of God, with a single-minded purpose of bringing heaven back to earth.

Notable Exhibitions

2022 - 2023

Kinetic Infinity Room
Wink World • Area 15

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Kinetic Infinity Room


ALIUME Gallery SoHo
New York, New York

Gallery Home in SoHo


The ALIUME Gallery
Wink World • Area 15
Las Vegas, Nevada


Sacred Art Studio
Brooklyn, New York

Sacred Art Studio in Bushwick 

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