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“I don’t think of Alex as an artist in the traditional sense, he’s a guy who’s exploring the edges, the interface of our reality and whatever is beyond that."

Chris Wink (Co-Founder of Blue Man Group)

The 25-year-old painter says his works are a message from the cosmos that we need to get our act together.

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Artwork by Alex Aliume is seen during a tour of Wink World at Area15 in Las Vegas.

“For some of these strokes, Alex uses a brush with one feather,” Wink says. “I could never have the patience to work that way. He is a genius.”


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A rising star in the contemporary art scene, Alex Aliume is a mystic, visionary artist born in Ukraine. Having no formal art education, he first laid his hands on canvas, paints, and brushes in 2017, and consciously created his very first painting.

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"I chose his work because it represents infinity," explains

Wink. "What I really like about Alex's [Aliume's] work is that he has eyeballs everywhere, expressing the vision and really seeing.

He wants his work to open everyone's eyes wider. His art is also very dreamlike in vibrant black-light fluorescent colors."

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Aliume is known for his psychedelic artwork featured on the Wink World façade and in the Wink World gallery located in the main hallway leading into the infinity rooms.

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To strike the right mood for Wink World’s meditation on infinity, Wink recruited rising art star Alex Aliume to make a cosmically inspired, 3-D black light art gallery in the expanse that leads to the exhibit’s first infinity mirror room.

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